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Carson Extreme Media and Carson Racing are very saddened by the loss of a very young life, race car driver Kevin Ward, Jr.  Out of respect for the privacy of all involved, we have chosen not to cover this tragic event. We will continue to pray for those affected. 

Brennan Newberry - No.9 Chevrolet Silverado

UNOH 200 - Event Preview

Newberry Takes to The Last Great Coliseum

Quick Facts: 

Series: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Race: 13 of 22 - August 20, 2014

Driver: Brennan Newberry

Truck: No.9 Chevrolet Silverado

Owner's Point Standings: 16th (-124)

Track: Bristol Motor Speedway

Event: UNOH 200

Distance: 200 Laps / 106.6 Miles

  • Brennan Newberry will be making his fifth NASCAR Camping World Truck Series start of 2014 with NTS Motorsports on the high banks of Bristol Motor Speedway. Newberry will be piloting the No.9 Chevrolet Silverado in his 3rd total start at the World's Fastest Half-Mile (1 NCWTS 2013 and 1 NKNPSE earlier this year).
  • Ryan McKinney will serve as crew chief for Brennan Newberry and the NTS Motorsports team. This will be McKinney's first time atop the pit box at Bristol in the NCWTS.

Whelen Motorsports | The Brickyard and Road America Reviews

After a disappointing weekend of racing in Canada, the team was stacked against all odds to rebuild their #31 Whelen / Team Fox Corvette DP for a second time in only it's 3rd outing.  With a severe crash the team began rebuilding the minute it was returned from IMSA's post crash inspection in Canada.  After 5 full days and nights the team loaded the car in the trailer and it was off to one of the most famous tracks in the world, Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Thursday July 24 10:45 AM - All the hard work by the Marsh Racing Team pays off, the car sets out for it's first practice after being completely rebuilt in just 5 days.  Oh, and it was fast.  For the first time all year the car and team was running a pace in sight of the top 5, a major accomplishment for a first year team running amongst teams like Ganassi Racing, Wayne Taylor Racing and Spirit of Daytona, teams that have been running Prototype cars for years.

With the healing Boris Said sidelined, Burt Frisselle from Aspen CO, joined the team and quickly made a great impression.  His normal driving duties see him piloting the always fast #9 Action Express Corvette Daytona Prototype.  Lucky for Whelen Motorsports the #9 Car, sister car to the championship leading #5 Action car, is only running the 4 race Patron Endurance Championship within the Tudor United SportsCar Series. (Daytona, Sebring, Watkins Glen, and Petit le Mans)  With short notice, Burt quickly booked a flight and was ready to help the team in Indianapolis.  Burt has also made him self available and will race with the team at Road America.

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NTS Motorsports

Kernersville, N.C. (August 12th, 2014) 

NTS Motorsports Vice President of Operations announced earlier today that Chris Rice will serve as Competition Director and crew chief of the No.20 Chevrolet Silverado. Rice joins NTS Motorsports with 25 years of experience in NASCAR, including 11 years as a crew chief in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Chris Rice will serve as crew chief for Austin Dillon and the No.20 Qore-24 Chevrolet starting this Saturday, August 16th at Michigan International Raceway and Gray Gaulding in the No.20 Gemini Southern Chevrolet at Bristol Motor Speedway on August 20th, 2014. 


Chris Rice of South Boston, Virginia grew up watching his father (Allen Rice) work his way through the NASCAR ladder since he was born while Rice's mother (Cathy Rice) serves as general manager of South Boston Speedway. 


"I have kept my eye on NTS Motorsports and watched them grow over the past few years" said Chris Rice "they have a great stable of drivers that continue to impress me week in and week out."

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Kayla Cardona  August-2014

Hello Carson Extreme readers! my name is Kayla Cardona  and I am honored to be your feature model for August. :)

I am an aspiring business woman and always been a very hardworker. I am italian and mexican; very passionate and full of life.

I recently started getting back into modeling, and I must say ive been so blessed with how fast things are going for me. I'm very excited to see where its going to take me. I also have a huge passion for fitness and in training to be in my first fitness bikini competetion this year! so excited! and during the process I will be focusing towards fitness modeling as well.

aside from modeling, I've been a licensed cosmetologist for over 4 years. Doing hair and makeup for commercials, models, ect. So I always been involved in that industry. 

As much as I enjoy being a cosmetologist, I realized I enjoy mens hair much more. and with the great reputation I've built, I've decided to train to get my barbering license to further my skills. I will be working in a rated 5star barbershop in south orange county. Im pretty stoked!  


Enhancing the performance, technology, and design of the Tesla Model S.


Saleen Automotive Inc. (OTCQB: SLNN) Monterey, CA – (August 17, 2014)

From the same automotive performance brand that brought the true American Supercar, the S7, Saleen has once again set precedence for a vehicle of epic proportions. The Tesla Model S based Saleen FOURSIXTEEN performance electric car was shown for the first time at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

“Tesla has created an entirely new class of American automobile”, explained Steve Saleen. “There are many similarities to this and how Ford created the ‘pony car’ class in 1964 with the Mustang, which is how these vehicles stand out from the rest of the pack.”

Standing out from the pack is Saleen’s specialty. Whether it’s their winning racing pedigree, expertly engineered Saleen vehicles, or instantly recognizable design. The Saleen legacy is perfectly packaged into the FOURSIXTEEN Model S and hinges on the mantra for the performance luxury electric car that ‘status quo won’t do’.

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Global Women's Conference 
World Aids- Atlanta 2014
Swing for Education Golf Classic- Golf for a Purpose 
Kelly "Keli"  Surfer Biography
The Effect Band

As the worship band for theeffect faith community and recovery ministry in San Juan Capistrano, CA, theeffectband is known in South Orange County for its ability create a true atmosphere of worship. The band has been together through three different church homes and has played many other church and other venues including the Whisky in Hollywood.

In addition to covering traditional and contemporary worship songs and Christian music, theeffectband makes every song its own with creative arrangements and writes a great deal of original music. 

"You Never Run Dry" is theeffectband's first studio album and contains ten original songs written by bandmembers Lisa Jones and Dave Brisbin. The songs are warm and retro sounding, heavy on acoustic guitar and Hammond organ, with a moody, contemporary feel--sometimes bluesy, sometimes rock, but always spiritual with deep and meaningful lyrics set to take you a few steps closer to Presence.

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Alain Quinn

Born and raised on the north side of Chicago by musician parents, Alain Quinn began learning about music at the same time she was learning to walk. This is partly why her organic music flows so naturally from her raw emotions. Though she's been surrounded by music her entire life, it's her vast life experiences that define who she is at heart.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Vocal Performance from Columbia College Chicago, Quinn set out to expand upon the sounds that she had already begun to find within herself.

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Big Jes Motorsports
Big Jes Motorsports is currently seeking sponsors for the 2014 racing season. Team's driver, Jesse Brown, is the only Deaf non-wing sprint car driver in California. For us, it's not only about racing, but prompting fans to take action benefiting others and their community as well as you, the sponsor.

Both on and off the track, Jesse has continued to prove himself as a highly successful driver setting standards in racing. Jesse has been involved with supporting programs for Deaf children in the  past.  He has been conducting the "I can do anything..." campaign to help raise awareness about what Deaf people can do and to inspire children to reach for the stars.  "I've had many role models to look up to when I was young and I am thrilled with the thought that I could do the same and inspire kids to believe in themselves," stated Jesse. Jesse has a strong and very diverse fan base: 31 million Americans with hearing loss, millions of Americans with other disabilities, racing fans, friends, co-workers, professionals, and more!

Kris Carnish

My name is Kris Carnish. I'm 32 years old, and I work in a hospital in the Nutritional Service Department as the Food Distribution and Ordering person. I live in Menifee, Ca, and I share a home with my Great Uncle while my Mom has her house on the property as well. I enjoy playing sports like Baseball and Softball, snowboarding, football and more.


I started racing a few years ago here in Perris, CA at the World Famous 1/2 Mile Oval Dirt Track called Perris Auto Speedway. At that time, I competed in a division called Sport Compact. I raced a 1985 Toyota Celica. Had a good time in that class but wasn't competitive because I didn't have a big pocket book to keep up with some of the other drivers and teams. Last race of the year, a driver tried to win the race on the first lap. That driver slid up the track going into Turn 3 & 4, got into 2 other cars in front of me and that collected me as well. I got the worst end of the deal by rolling my car onto the roof and totaling the front end by hitting the K-Rail before flipping. I was was unable to continue since i didn't have the knowledge or capabilities to repair the car. Got rid of that car, and ended up taking a few years off but still helped friends with their cars in the pits. Well, I decided I wanted to race again. I ended up buying a 1975 Chevy Camaro, worked on it with the little knowledge that I have learned from my friends while helping with their own race cars, and put the car together for the following season. I am by no means a mechanic, so with some help from friends, I put all my effort into putting together that car. I completed this previous season pretty decent. For my Rookie season in the Division called American Factory Stock, I finished 7th in points with just missing only 2 races. Had to fix the motor a few times, get new tires and along with some other small miss haps. I have done most of the work on it at home in my small garage without any real Automotive supplies or tools. Just the normal house hold tools is what I have to work on my car.

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"A Gift from the World of Racing. To Persons Having Disabilities & Illness"

Written by Denny Uncle"D" Snider.

On a cold Canadian winter morning in 2004. A race fan of 50 years. Placed a log into his fireplace & sat at his kitchen table. 
With a pencil in hand. He began to sketch a late model race car. But not just any race car familiar to the race world.

Rather. The car would have a feature about it. Unlike anything seen before. An hour later. The pencil was rested. There on scratch pad. Was a picture of the race car with a wheelchair on the passenger side. Along with 3 extra seats in the rear for passengers. Be it persons with or without disabilities, & non wheelchair users.

Little did I know on that December 14th morning. That I had begun to lay the ground works for a project & concept. One which would in time. Extended well beyond the world of racing. For it evolved into something larger than life itself.

To-day the car is known as Project Track Champion. ( P.T.C. ). Over the years it has given rides to many hundreds having disabilities & illness. From ages 7 to 70 plus. Over 3000 individuals have sat in the seats of the dream making car. Such as Bobby Allison. Rusty & Kenny Wallace. Ron Fellows. Kenny Schrader. Chris Economaki. & many more.  

Such has been the impact on others. That even seasoned drivers. Have been seen in tears. After giving rides to individuals having special needs. 

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Sixteen Year Old Seth Ring From Davie North Carolina Julie Littlefield

Seth is a seasoned bull rider, starting off great by staying on the bull for the full 8-seconds at his high school rodeo.  Seth is a good student who is well liked, and respectful.  





Hunter has been taking some “me” time lately, trying to get geared back up for the sport this spring.  He’s been training hard during his off season, practicing his technique, and working on arm stability & endurance.  Yet another young gentleman bullrider.  Way to go Hunter – practice makes perfect!



Kory has been training hard for the 2014 season, working out, building muscle and working hard.  He says he feels very lucky, his life is good – living his dream, one rodeo at a time.  He says it’s not about the wins, he love the adrenaline he gets when he gets on the bulls.    Kory is from Union Grove North Carolina.

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Tristen Marshall -Bull Rider
Tristen Marshall has been attending bull riding schools and working  with SEBRA (Southeast Bull Riding Association).  With SEBRA he’s most recently been riding in Virginia & North Carolina.  He’s very humble in that he was able to go the 8 second distance without even mentioning it.  

This writer found out via his Facebook page.  He welcomes all to friend him to keep up with his latest antics. He’s about to be sixteen years old, and has been dreaming of being a professional bull rider since he was just an eight-year old boy.  His family supports  his goals and dreams and have raised a well-rounded future star.  He is looking forward to turning eighteen so he can begin the professional bull riding circuit so his dream can begin to be a reality.

Raising Awareness of Amyotrophic 

Lateral Sclerosis / “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”

Written By Gayle Whitworth

Photos courtesy of Gayle Whitworth

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), often recognized as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a progressive neurodegenerative disease affecting nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Progressive degeneration of the motor neurons (nerve cells) reaching from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body leads to their death. Once motor neurons die, the brain can no longer initiate and control muscle movement in voluntary muscles, leading to progressive loss and eventual total paralysis of affected muscles. Early symptoms of ALS often include increasing muscle weakness, especially involving the arms and legs, speech, swallowing or breathing. Approximately 5,600 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with ALS each year (15 new diagnoses per day). The incidence of ALS is two per 100,000 people, and it is estimated that as many as 30,000 Americans may have the disease at any given time. There is currently no cure for ALS.

Such was the diagnosis for Jason Whitworth. Jason was diagnosed with ALS in September 2011 and quickly progressed to the point that he currently has movement only from the neck up, requires a ventilator to sustain his breathing and can only eat through a feeding tube. He communicates with a communicator card and with a DynaVox speech communicator device.

The diagnosis of ALS came as a shock to Jason, who was a physical education teacher and cross country and track and field coach at West Shore Junior/Senior High School in Melbourne, Florida. Jason, himself, was an avid runner, and ran on the track and field and cross country teams at Western Carolina University from 1989 – 1993. In addition to running, Jason enjoyed surfing, bike riding, fishing, and riding his Harley Davidson.

As a highly loved and admired teacher and coach, Jason receives much support from his school family, both present and past. Prior to teaching at West Shore, Jason was a teacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic School, and coached cross country at Melbourne Central Catholic School. So great was the impact he made, St. Joseph’s School decided to hold a 5-k run for him as their Make a Difference Day project for 2012. The project raised over $20,000 for the Whitworth family and received the National Make a Difference Day All Star Award from USA Weekend and Points of Light, which included a $10,000 donation to the ALS Association, Central Florida Chapter.

Brent Payne
The Queen of the West Coast Jump Boogie! Have Drums, Spoons & Washboard .....will Travel!

Written by Sally M Jenson


Nationally acclaimed Jump-Boogie Blues Drummer, Lady Diana Rene'Andriola aka "The Shuffle Queen" has been performing for her audiences from coast to coast for the past 30 years. Featured in various media outlets, she continues to perform as a seasoned Blues/jazz/Rock Drummer, playing various percussion , including the Spoons & Washboard. Diana Rene' has never taken a Drum lesson in her life. At an early age of 5, her opera singing father came home from the Korean War, bringing with him a small Italian Accordian, because he knew she had a love of music. Soon she was (trying) to play the family's Baby Grand Piano, and all she wanted to play was in a Honky Tonk style. A few years later her Artist/Teacher mother, broke down and bought her a Drum Kit at 10 years old, to satisfy her bounds of high energy. 

It was now the Summer of Love 1967, she was a pre-teen, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, at a time of great Blues and Rock musicians being discovered. As time went by, she began "jamming" with great musicians that began pouring into the Bay Area. Her mother had a part time gig, working overhead art-lights shows, taking Diana to work with her at various venues, including Winterland, the Cow Palace, and many more.Exposing her teen daughter to live concerts, mainly produced by the late Bill Graham including: Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother & The Holding Co., Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Richie Havens, Country Joe & The Fish, The Grateful Dead, Jessie Colin Young,w/ the Youngbloods,...and many more. 

"What fortune and opportunities I experienced growing up as a child of the late 60's" she said, as she began her new life as a Blues/Rock Drummer, being invited to many open Jam Sessions with her mother's contacts and friends. She became a "natural" with a certain style of an offbeat, high energy west coast-jump boogie, that didn't go un-noticed by her fellow musicians...the greats of today....thus being named..."The Shuffle Queen" as she grew older. Deciding she would rather be a "Sub" to gain a wide variety of experience with many types of bands, her now Band_list is endless. When asked why did she prefer outdoor festivals over studio session work, she explains " I love the freedom, the energy of the crowd, the wind in my hair, and the rush of playing her beloved vintage drums".Her quick adaption to sit in and play without any prior practice with many types of Bands surprises many. Today she continues to perform, her God given natural talent as a West Coast-Jump Boogie Blues Drummer, her influence, her main style of performance. When she gets asked..."Where did you learn to play like that"? adding "How come you have alot of rythym for a "white-woman"?, she has a quick come back witty comment, replying..." I am not white, nor black, but rather Green, like a ripe olive" explaining..."My great ancestors were originally from Nigeria, Africa, you see ,if you study the history of where the Sicilian/Italian people originally migrated from, therefore I am born with an Olive complexion and Soul"!

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Melissa Smith 

Hi everyone, my name is Melissa Smith! I am a Carolina Girl, born and raised in South Carolina.  I have a city girl look with a country girl heart and attitude. I am ecstatic to be part of this great marketing and modeling opportunity with Carson Racing, Carson Extreme and soon Carson Apparel. I look forward to this opportunity to meet a lot of new people, travel and help the company to grow. I am always looking for a new challenge! 

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, going to concerts, whitewater rafting, zip lining and dancing. I also have a passion for racing and going to rodeos along with other outdoor sports. 

Education has been a big part of my life and I feel it is so important to have. I have completed 3 degrees and am now focusing on my modeling and promotional/marketing interests. I was able to make my dreams come true in the area of modeling a couple of years ago after getting my pictures published. These magazines include Southern Glam- Red White & Blue Edition 2011, It’s Football Issue 2011 and January 2012 Issue. I was also featured in Unique Modeling Magazine December 2011 and September 2012. I wrote an article that was published in the September 2012 Kids, Teens and Adults Issue. I also produced a Multi Marketing Shoot in 2011, which I also appeared in. In July, 2013 I was a Talent Judge for The Nashville Connection and a Co Emcee in August, 2013 for them as well. I am currently a featured model for Cotton Rouge Photography. 

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Written by Robert Van Pelt

Photos by Robert Van Pelt

On 29 April 1789, Captain William Bligh and 18 loyal crew members  were set adrift by mutineers of the HMS Bounty in an open 22 foot boat. The epic journey that followed passed through treacherous water littered with shallow reefs and islands inhabited by cannibals. As they passed the Yasawas, two war canoes put to sea and began pursuit. Fortunately a squall swept in some much needed wind to raise the mainsail and blew Bligh and his crew to the safety of the open sea. 

This body of water is known as Bligh Water today and, while the Yasawas remain relatively undeveloped,

 the locals are considerably friendlier.

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                    REST IN PEACE  2013 - Roger Rodas 

Carson Extreme Adventure with Captain Tom White on the Dana Pride

Written by Terry Carson and Julie Littlefield

Photos by Julie Littlefield

Our second experience with Capt. Tom of the Dana Pride was a great whale watching adventure. We left out at 12 o'clock noon on the Dana wharf on the Pacific Ocean heading North. We were 3 1/2 miles away from shore in 850 feet of water and Capt. Tom invited me up to the wheelhouse to show me all the equipment and technology they use for tracking the whales.


During this adventure as we passed Laguna Beach on the right after about an hour we were able to see hundreds of playful dolphins, Sea lions, pelicans and then we were able to spot the two 65 foot to 75 foot Fin Whales. We followed the whales with the technology almost to Newport as two of them surfaced and purged. I was in the wheelhouse and left to go to the bow of The Dana Pride to take pictures and see these beautiful magnificent creatures. They are the second largest mammals on Earth. These gentle creatures felt like prehistoric times I was so overwhelmed watching with enthusiasm. The Dana Pride was filled with passengers from all over the world that had never seen a Whale. All of the passengers on the Dana Pride were so excited including myself. I could feel the electricity all through the boat.

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Living Military Museum at Richard's Coffee Shop


What started out… as a little shop named Pat’s Gourmet Coffee Shop, named in honor of his wife, became much more. It became not only a Coffee Shop but a “Living” Military Museum, named in honor of the man who spent the last 14 years of his life honoring and supporting America’s Veterans. It was owned and operated by Richard Warren, a U.S. Army, Vietnam combat pilot who flew a Huey attack helicopter, or “gunship”, with the callsign “Mustang 53”.

With his background Richard made a point of extending the traditional Veterans greeting of “Welcome Home” to every veteran who came in the shop. Over time, Pat’s became a gathering place for veterans of all ages and a collection of artifacts, awards, magazine and newspaper articles slowly accumulated. “Our State”, the official North Carolina state magazine labeled it “The Most Patriotic Coffee Shop in America”. Not far from the truth, since it is the only non-profit coffee shop and living military museum

in the United States.

Sadly, in May of 2009, Richard died of complications from exposure to Agent Orange. He had spent many years of his life providing assistance and support to veterans. But, just months before he passed away he started forming a non-profit organization and he wanted it to be named “Welcome Home Veterans”. This non-profit would oversee and keep Richard's dream, to see that what he started grew

and continue to recognize, serve, support, and honor those who gave so much.

After his death there were some issues with the lease, being so old, and Pat’s Coffee Shop closed. We’re not sure at this point if it was the need for a good cup of coffee, missing other comrades or the honor and tradition of carrying on for a fallen comrade but a number of Richard’s regular patrons were determined that his special legacy would not be lost.

Richard’s Coffee Shop, named in Richard Warren’s honor, and with oversight from Welcome Home Veterans, Inc., opened on July 4th, 2009 just down the street from the original site of Pat’s Coffee Shop, underwritten by the members of the non-profit’s Board and the generous contributions of so many others from around the world.

As a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization we have the following mission statement: “To ensure the memory of, and support to, those who serve through Welcome Home Veterans Living Military Museum at Richard’s Coffee Shop”. With this mission statement we are continuing the legacy of Richard Warren’s love and respect for all of those who have served our country. We strive to carry forward the values of Honor, Respect, Duty and Love of country that is reflected by not only by the veterans but by a large part of the American people.

Richard’s is an incredible place of support, healing and camaraderie for veterans, their families and many members of the community. We have veterans of all ages and time periods from WWII to the current conflicts coming to the coffee shop, several of our veterans have even called it therapeutic. Each Thursday, a traditional free coffee day, we often have gatherings of more than one hundred veterans of all ages. Saturday is a music day when veterans and professional musicians alike gather to play country, bluegrass, traditional old hymns, and patriotic music.

We sponsor the “Book of Honor”, which is signed by the veterans when they first visit the coffee shop and carries the names of around 9,000 veterans from all over the world. With this signing, they are formally presented a two-row, beaded keychain that represents the American Flag, which they served, and either the branch of service or conflict(s) they served in. This keychain is visible and recognized symbol in almost any part of the world in which the United States has a presence. The “Living” segment in our name consists of all of the veterans who gather on a daily basis to share their memories and stories with each other and the community, through our outreach and school

programs, and with anyone who values our heritage.

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Media Contact:

Jeff Oleen

NTS Motorsports

703 Park Lawn Court

Kernersville, NC 27284

Office: 336-992-1856 

For Immediate release

Brennan Newberry and the No. 24 Qore-24 Team Head South 

To Homestead-Miami Speedway for the 2013 Season Finale

Quick Facts: 

Series: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Race: 22 of 22 - November 15, 2013 

Driver: Brennan Newberry

Truck: No. 24 Qore-24 Chevrolet Silverado 

Driver's Point Standings: 19th

Owner's Point Standings: 21st

Track: Homestead-Miami Speedway

Race: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series 200

Distance: 134 Laps/201 Miles 

 For the final race of the 2013 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) season, Brennan Newberry and the No. 24 Qore-24 Chevrolet Silverado team head to sunny Miami, Florida to the 1.5-mile Homestead-Miami Speedway for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series 200. When truck teams unload for 134-laps of action on 

Friday, Newberry will make his first-career start at Homestead-Miami Speedway starting with practice Friday morning, followed by qualifying Friday afternoon and an action-packed race under the lights Friday evening. 

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Media Contact:

Jeff Oleen

NTS Motorsports

703 Park Lawn Court

Kernersville, NC 27284

Office: 336-992-1856




Nelson Piquet, Jr. Joins NTS Motorsports for Season Finale

at Homestead-Miami Speedway

Quick Facts:

Series: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Race: 22 of 22 - November 15, 2013

Driver: Nelson Piquet, Jr.

Truck: No. 9 Chevrolet Silverado

Driver's Point Standings: N/A

Owner's Point Standings: 13th

Track: Homestead-Miami Speedway

Race: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series 200

Distance: 134 Laps/201 Miles

  • Brazilian Nelson Piquet, Jr. will take over driving duties of the No. 9 NTS Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado for the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway, making his first career start for NTS Motorsports. Piquet has two previous starts at the 1.5-mile Florida track, finishing fourth in both the 2011 and 2012 races while running the full NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) seasons. His average start is 3.5 and average finish is 4.0. He has led 33 laps (2012) and completed 100 percent of laps attempted (259 of 259 laps). This weekend will mark Piquet's second NCWTS start of the 2013 season, as well as the 90th NASCAR race that he has competed in after moving over from Formula One racing in 2010.
  • The No. 9 NTS Motorsports Chevrolet team is 13th in the NCWTS Owner Point Standings heading in to the final race of the 2013 season with four top-five finishes and nine top-10 finishes.
  • For the 21st race of the 2013 season, NCWTS teams made their final trip to the west coast to race under the lights at the 1.0-mile Phoenix International Raceway. The No. 9 Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff Chevrolet Silverado team started from the 21st starting position, but only completed 85 of the scheduled 150 laps. A blown tire shortly after passing the halfway mark of the race sent the No. 9 Chevrolet Silverado into the wall and with too much damage to continue and ended the team's day. Following the accident, the team retired to the garage and was left with a disappointing 28th-place finish.


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Media Contact:

Jeff Oleen

NTS Motorsports

703 Park Lawn Court

Kernersville, NC 27284

Office: 336-992-1856




NTS MOTORSPORTS Releases Ron Hornaday, Jr. from Driving Duties of the No. 9 Chevrolet in the 

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series 

NTS Motorsports has released Ron Hornaday, Jr. of his driving duties, following the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Phoenix International Raceway. The driver for the No. 9 NTS Motorsports truck will be announced prior to the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway.


"We at NTS Motorsports appreciate everything Ron (Hornaday) has done this year to help build NTS Motorsports in its first year competing at the national level in NASCAR," said team owner Bob Newberry. "Ron has been a great asset to our organization and we wish him the best in his future endeavors."

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Sherra Michelle November-2013

Carson Extreme’s Q & A

November 2013 "Model of the Month"

Q. Where are you from?

A. I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. I moved to Hollywood for two years but now I'm back in my hometown.

Q. What age did you start performing and modeling?

A. Iv been dancing since I could walk! I don't remember there ever being a time where I wasn't a performer.

Q. What was the most challenging role or modeling job you have done in your career?

A. The hardest modeling gig for me, was being on set of David Gueta music video. "Go little bad girl" it was a 13 hour shoot on the beach in the rain.

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Carson Extreme Bull Riders, The Magnificent Seven

Written/reported/video and photographs

By: Julie Littlefield

Having never been to a bull riding event (other than seeing it on TV) Terry "Cowboy" Carson, Owner of Carson Extreme, suggested that I report and video the bull riding events. So here I go to my first rodeo at Stan Stegall's 2013 bull riding competition located in Concord North Carolina. That is where I met our first Caron extreme bull rider Richard Barton also known as "Kory". I told him about Carson extreme online international media. He was excited to talk and introduce me to all his friends including Mr. Tim Mauney who is the father of the new Professional bull riding world champion. He showed me where to stand to get the best photos and the best action! I was able to talk to several riders and find out what drives them to what they do. 

They all had the same answer "Adrenaline"!! My most memorable time was getting to talk to Mr. Mauney about his son JB and hearing about the love for his family and riding. Everyone was so nice they even invited me to go to Bobby Bowman's (Double B arena) located in East bend North Carolina. There I Found more bull riders excited to join up with the extreme bull riding team! That's where I got the tour of the ranch. 

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Terry Rosberg World’s Fastest Native American Dragster

Written By Julie Littlefield

Photos by Julie Littlefield and Hero Card Tery Rosberg

Terry Rosberg, newest driver of the “Spirit of Alabama” Jet Dragster and former driver of the “Thriller Viper” and “Jersey Thunder” Jet Dragsters has a life-time of experience in drag racing.  He was born in Huntington Beach, Ca and was raised in southern California and in Michigan. He is the fourth of five children. He met his wife Terry, AKA, “Terry-Girl” in college and have now been married for 16 years and currently reside in Rockingham, North Carolina. Terry was destined to be involved with drag racing from an early age. His father, Dick Rosberg, was one of the original southern California drag racers who raced at Lions, Backersfield, Freemont, and Santa Ana, CA. Terry worked as a rough-neck, an off-shore oil worker in Long Beach, CA for four years before moving to NC where he met his wife and helped start Rosberg motorsports. Inc. with his father. After being the crew chief for several years, they decided that it was time for Terry to take the helm and for his father to semi-retire from driving. It was a quick and easy decision for the team to put Terry in the driver’s seat. As terry has been quoted, “My Dad taught me everything I know, but not everything he knows.” Terry had been down the drag strip many times and the team’s tow truck as well as his own Blown 81’Z28. The first time he down the track and the jet dragster at 160 mph, he knew that this is what he is meant to do. After getting his NHRA license in Cordova Illinois, and his IHRA licenses at “The Rock” in Rockingham, NC. 

He began racing with other professionals throughout the US and Canada. 2013 is Terry’s 5th year behind the wheel. As the 20120 season had ended, one of the highlights of his racing career was the Race and Buds Creek Marilyn. This was to be his greatest racing adventure to date, as he was to race a true legend and drag racing, known by the others as The Professor. 

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The  Effect Church Band's New CD

November15 2013 @7PM @The EFFECT.271722A Paseo Espanada#904,San Juan Cap 949 293 4259 / Live Long time in the making The Effects Church Band's New CD Titled, You Never Run Dry Album, features 10 originial Songs . 

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Whelen Motorsports
Victory At Home   

Marsh Racing rolled into Lime Rock Park early last week with the #31 Whelen Engineering / Team Fox Corvette for the final race of the GRAND-AM Road Racing Series. The Championship Weekend also marked the last professional event for the GT-class Corvette C6. ??On Friday, the #31 Corvette ran P3 in both practice sessions with an identical time due to a nearly perfect setup straight off of the trailer by the Marsh Racing boys. Lawson Aschenbach, filling in for Boris Said over the weekend, qualified the car early in the session with a 0:53.404, two tenths up from the nearest competitor. A black flag with five minutes remaining in the qualifier would solidify the pole position for the Corvette.

Lawson would start the race and hold the #31 in the lead for the majority of his stint, battling briefly for position with the #57 Camaro, before handing over the Whelen / Team Fox Corvette to Eric Curran for the duration of the two and three-quarter hour race. A perfect pit stop and driver change in and out of the pit box allowed Eric and the #31 to rejoin the field and retake the leading spot, eventually putting over thirty seconds between himself and P2 in the middle of the race.

"Today was just an incredible day. To have a win at our home track in the final Rolex race is just amazing. To do it in front of all the Whelen Engineering folks, Sonny Whelen, and the Marsh Racing family just tops it off. I was winning races eighteen years ago at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut and to continue to do so now just feels amazing. This Whelen Engineering / Team Fox Corvette was unbelievable all weekend long. The race really went flawlessly for us and it could not have gone more perfectly than it did."
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Franchesca Del Carpio October-2013
Hello Carson Extreme readers! My name is Franchesca Del Carpio and I am honored to be the featured Carson Extreme featured model for October.

I am an aspiring business woman from Orange County CA. I am Colombian, Peruvian, Dutch and Italian (bet you couldn't guess).

I did catalogue work as a child but really started putting my heart into modeling in 2007 and I have been working consistently ever since. I have been lucky enough to be in publications such as Maxim, Chevy High Performance and Lowrider to name a few. I am truly blessed to do what I love and have such amazing supportive friends and family. I thank God everyday for giving me such a beautiful life.

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Paddle For Her Battle
What is Paddle for her Battle?  It is a fundraiser benefitting Raelyn Beckler, a  4 year old girl from Dana Point, CA.   Raelyn’s father is going to cross the Pacific Ocean from Catalina to Dana Point on a Paddle Board. That is 45 miles in the open ocean from Avalon to Dana Point. This is no small feat.  The ocean waters of the Pacific are cold and can change rapidly from calm to choppy with a slightest change in the wind. 

Why a fundraiser?  Raelyn is critically ill.  It was discovered she had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L) when she was all of 2 years old.  The day the diagnosis came in, was the day their family’s lives turned upside down.  Located in Orange County, CA, she was immediately transferred to CHOC for emergency surgery and to commence on going treatment. CHOC is the best place for her, but battling Leukemia for an adult is a big uphill battle; for a child it is worse; for the parents it is gut-wrenching.  Raelyn is a fighter in a pint-sized body. She inspires Greg and his wife daily to fight on; but this fight takes a lot out of them. The daily battle is so exhausting mentally and physically that just getting through a day is a trial.  Due to the side effects of her medication, she has developed a steroid psychosis which has to be treated in addition to the treatment of her disease; that along with the stress of on-going treatments, Greg decided he needed to be there for his daughter 24/7 and put his job and life on hold. This meant also putting their finances in jeopardy.  Now 2 years into this fight, Greg and his family are in need of help.  Their financial resources are running out, they do not qualify for aid due to the fact he made a decent living prior to all this; so with no other options available to him,  he decided to create a fundraiser to help pay for Rae’s treatment.

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Dad’s Paddle for his Daughter’s Battle

Written by Greg and Rebbeca Beckler
Photo courtesy of Brittany Waedell

As a father of a child with leukemia I have watched my daughter survive the level of agony that no child should ever have to suffer.  She has endured spinal taps, bone marrow biopsies, daily chemotherapy treatments, blood transfusions, daily portacath accesses, hundreds of doctor’s visits, x-rays and large steroid doses all with the strength and resilience that children possess.  She gives me the strength to not cry, even though I want to, as I don’t won’t her to know how afraid I am.  This fear has been amplified with her reaction to the steroids which makes her psychotic and she doesn’t understand why.

All of this has drained us emotionally as we have to deal with these wide fluctuations of psychotic behavior 24 -7.  Since neither of us are able to work full time and we have yet to qualify for any assistance because of our income level prior to her diagnosis.  We have exhausted all our savings and have started selling are meager assists to survive.

I know that there are other people in this same situation and I have decided to make an effort to bridge this financial gap and if successful I would like to expand this to an annual event in the future to help other families with similar circumstances.
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Micah Pitts Surfer
Wtritten by Micah Pitts
Photos Courtesy of Micah Pitts

My name is Micah Pitts and I am 38 years old from Dana Point California. I started surfing at age 7 at Doheny State beach in Dana Point, California. As a youngster I loved BMX, skateboarding, and dirt bike riding. Over the years my other hobbies fell by the waist side but surfing never did.

I surfed Professionally for three years but was cut short due to some injuries. My main sponsor was O'Neill and they let me go after two years of sponsorship. Not long after, Garth Tarlow the marketing director / team manager offered me a job as the team manager for O'neill clothing. It was the perfect job for me because I still got to travel the world doing what I loved to do. Most of the footage in the video was from trips I took with the O'Neill team riders.

In October 2009 is was in a serious accident north of Santa Cruz CA. I was drinking alcohol and ended up falling off a 100 foot cliff. I broke and dislocated my pelvis, broke my clavical, torn my ACL ,and broke several ribs. The worst of the injuries was a traumatic brain injury. I don't remember one month after the accident and spent three months in the hospital. I had no idea where I was at and the Drs. told me I would need to be in a nursing home with 24 hour a day care. I came back down south to attend a famous school for brain injury. It was extremely hard but I got to relate with the other students recovering fromTBI. I spent a year and a half at the school learning compensation strategies for my deficits. My first job back is working at Killer Dana surf shop in Dana Point. After the accident I was on fourteen different medications including anti-depressants. As of today I take zero medication. Unlike what I was told by the medical profession I have made a complete recovery. I love my life and I am convinced a good, high paying job lies just around the corner. Today I live in Dana Point just above my favorite surf spot Salt Creek. I surf everyday there are waves and my surfing is coming back despite my horrific injuries. I no longer drink alcohol and  was the clearly the reason I fell off the cliff. I am loving my life today and I am extremely grateful. I choose to live it one day at a time.

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The Racing Quest
Written by: Jennifer Allen

Travis Travillian was born on Febuary 27th 1989 in southeastern Kentucky. At the age of 7 he began watching NASCAR on t.v. and fell in love with the sport racing following driver . At the age of 9 Travis started racing anything he could get ahold of from a bicycle to a back yard go- kart. Not until the year of 2004 is when Travis' uncle Ronnie Elkins got involved and started sponsoring a local NASCAR ALL PRO SERIES Team (Brock Excavating Racing) and driver Roger Parker he introduced Travis to the "Racing Family" at the end of the season and added more fuel to the fire of Travis' passion, Then in 2005 he had the chance to get to race after his uncle bought him his first racecar.

In 2005 Travis was off to a amazing start as a rookie driver along with his rookie team that started racing at Corbin Speedway in the "new" Mini-Slammer division that was created by the track owner John Davis, the division started out with front-wheel drive/ four cylinder cars that came from off the street to be made into affordable racing machines. Travis ran the whole season in a 1995 Honda PreLude and earning 4 wins and finishing 2nd in the points to his good friend Josh Brock.

The backbone of Travis Travillians racing career in the first year of the 2005 season was of course his uncle Ronnie and local track (Corbin Speedway) legends Roger Parker and Benny Parker. They helped Travis with his driver development skills. Travis is a proven winner and he is compition to anyone on any race day. Now in 2013 Travis Travillian Racing maintains a one car team the car is a 1990 Honda CRX si with the number 71 (Travis' trademark). The team consists of Travis and a couple friends every now and then, for the last 4 years with help from the sponsors and people that provide the help, funds and materials that TTR needs to keep moving forward every year.
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The Bank Of America 500  at the Charlotte Motor Speedway

The Bank of America 500 was my first time as a reporter /photojournalist,not just as a life -long fan. Southern Hospitality was as good as it gets from the staff, the fans and the NASCAR personnel.

 My hope was to interview Major General Tom Sadler and get a picture with Kevin Harvick. I did see Kevin for maybe two seconds ? He was flying by on his cart taking him to his pit area . Well. That's ok because world famous Juan Pablo Monyoya is just around the corner. I quickly introduced myself as he was going to his car. He actually took time out for me to take a picture with me. Smiling too. I'm just having a blast meeting  so many nice folks! 

I was so excited when I finally got the privilege to meet  ( R ) Major General Tom Sadler! What an honor and a privilege. I told him thank you for serving our country and helping with the Children's Charity's.He even gave me a sweet kiss.

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World Traveler/Motorcyclist/Extreme Sports Competitor,
Travis Rabenberg
Written By Travis Rabenberg

 My name is Travis Rabenberg I did a trip around the world sponsored by BMW riding motorcycles in 27 counties for 396 days around the world. This trip was from 2010-2011 and I am now in the final stages of completing my book about this adventure. I was lucky enough to even sail across the Alantic Ocean on my return hop.

My next adventure is to ride electric motorcycles with a pro AMA road racer Shelina Moreda from Costa Rica to Colombia. We would like to do this while helping people along the way. I would like to give out 10,000 pairs of kids shoes to children in need in Colombia while still having fun on this adventure. Shelina is sponsored by Brammo and may be able to provide bikes. I have also spoken with Twisted throttle who are willing to donate all parts needed to fit the bikes.

Also sketchers would be willing to donate the shoes, but there is one catch. We have no funding to get anything to or from Costa Rica. The shoes, bikes, gear, and film crew.  I race sailboats in marina Del Ray and there are two or three VP's of CBS and A&E network I sail with who said they would be interested in the footage from this trip.

This is a project I have been thinking about ever since returning from my trip but just have not made the right connections to make it happen. I have 4 more trips planned all over the world for the feature.  Currently I am a yacht broker based in Newport Beach Ca.

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2013 Exile Oktoberfest Skim Boarding Competition, Balboa Pier, Newport Beach CA

Written By Wade Goodman
Photos courtesy of MaKena Matesky

Carson Extreme posted my skim contest story back in January 2013. Here is my most recent updated…..

Last weekend I competed in the Exile Oktoberfest Skim Boarding Competition in Newport Beach. The perfect conditions lead to a perfect contest. Off - shore winds and an unusual swell size lead to the perfect wave heights and form. Getting third in the semi – finals, allowed for a great day of skim boarding and hanging out with friends.

The winner of the pro-division, Austin Keen, performed an air that no one else has ever done! Basically he did a 360 back flip super-man that drove the crowd nuts! It was so sick that it inspired me to learn it for myself! Skim boarding with the majority of the Pros, has helped me learn and experiment new tricks and to perfect my form.

 Overall, the contest was a success and even made it into the OC register, which for the sport is great, as it increases it’s popularity. Can’t wait for next year’s contest! I plan on placing higher and hopefully getting first! I am very thankful for the Carson Extreme Team for helping me to promote my favorite sport, Skim Boarding!
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A Thunder in Carolina
Reported by Julie Littlefield
Written By Dixie Smith
Photos courtesy of Dixie Smith

You can hear the roar of a hot V-8 in the distance, come closer and one can see the rooster tail as young Shannon Connor practices somewhere in New Jersey. A track and local champion, following in his father Jerry's footsteps. Here we are 12 years later.
Son and Grandson Kody Connor carries on the family tradition. Already at the age of 12 he's already accumulated over 130 wins and 11 championships in quarter midgets to stock cars. Let's sit down for a quick talk with Kody and see what the fuss is all about!

Interview with Shannon Conner

Q. What are you driving?

A. "A Toyota Camry Pro late Model built by my Dad"

Q. Where is your home base?

A. "Kannapolis NC.”

Q. When and where did you start your racing career?
A. "North Carolina Quarter Midget Association a Salisbury.”

Q. How did you get started?

A. "My Dad taught me. Showed me how a good car feels when it's in the track. How it feels, bad ones too.”  (Laughing)

Q. What was your path to get you here?

A. "bandoleros, quarter midgets, now late models.”

Q. What has been your most challenging role in your career?
A." Being North Carolina state champ and second in the nation. Tied with the most wins. Feels like I'm ready to do it again!”

Q. What are your favorite and least favorite tracks?
A. “Orange County is my favorite. Smooth and fast. Here at Dillon is my least. Too bumpy and no grip!”

Q. Who sponsors you now?

A. “Jerry Connor insurance, Three Way Plumbing, Rowan Home restoration and CRC automotive.”

Q. When is your next race?

A. "Orange County"

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Micheal Gier’s film
But Now I See is a wonderful film with a powerful message.  It’s written by Duane Kellogg, Jr. and produced and directed by Michael Gier of Silver Dove Films.

The film follows a homeless woman who finds two treasures in a garbage bag. The threat of losing them reveals her heart as her future is determined by the choice she makes.

Karen McClain plays the lead in the film and she is outstanding.  Just over a year ago Michael and Terri Gier went to see a friend in a show in Hollywood. One of his co-stars was Karen.  Her performance blew them away. Michael walked out that night determined to have a short film written for Karen to star in.  Many months later Michael contacted Karen, told her how impressed he was by her performance in the play he had seen, and asked her to be part of the film that he had written for her.  Thankfully she agreed.
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